Saturday, October 2, 2010

Okay, You Caught Me.

...Hi, my name is CW and I am a procrastinator. But no more... at least for now. 5 of my friends and one family member are pregnant! Yay! I'm going to be doing 7 birth samplers between now and however long it takes. Why 7 when there's only 6 pregnancies? One of my friends has an older son who I'm also making one for so he doesn't feel left out.

There is the possibility of doing 4 more since my friend R has two boys from a previous relationship and her fiance W has two boys from his previous marriage. I've yet to ask if they want any for the boys because, well, I'm swamped. Also, this is a surprise gift for her. It's also a surprise for my Aunt S. and Uncle S. H,K, and B all know and are loving the idea.

Up first, starting tomorrow is the sampler for B's baby girl. It's called Brier Rose and is designed by Janlynn. I think her and her husband W will love it!

One last announcement. If you like to read creative writings, please check out my other blog The Cryptic Scribe Scribbles at I'm doing a 31 posts in 31 days challenge, so I have no excuse for not updating. Seriously, you can threaten me if I forget.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Well, I'm getting forgetful in my old age.

I forgot all about the Totally Useless Stitch A Long that I signed up for on Yo-yo's blog and dumped out my jar for the robins to use for nesting material. Oops.

So when I actually remember to post it next month *tattoos it on her forehead* it'll be very... um... empty.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

In the Paraphrashed words of Garfield the Cat...

Whomever created confetti stitches should be drug out in the street and shot.

I put a couple of hours into Eagle today and his belly is coming along nicely, though I'm still surprised how light some of the colors are.

Image Hosted by

That is 201 stitches. Eesh. A close up shows how many different colors make that up.

Image Hosted by

Confetti is blah, but he'll look great in the end.

Oh, and have I mentioned I am insane? I bought my first chart from Heaven and Earth Designs.

Behold, Lust:

Image Hosted by

She is one of a set of the 7 deadly sins. I hope to do five of them. Avarice and Gluttony are nice, in their own right, but yellow and pink aren't my thing.

I figure she should take me, oh, about 20 years to complete. Yay, insanity!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

There was a Girl who had a Horse...

...and Eagle was his name-o.

So, Marv turned Eagle into a pattern for me. From this:

Image Hosted by

to this:

Image Hosted by

Amazing work, right? Seriously, if you want a custom pattern done without buying the software, try Marv over at He's done two patterns for me so far, and I'm happy.

Seem like I'm stalling? I am. I only have 50-some stitches into Eagle so far.


Image Hosted by

Not a blazing start, but it's getting there. The one thing I was worried about was putting a big dark bay gelding on a stormy looking background off of a picture that was taken on a bright spring day. The Aida, however, is nice and light in its variation of color:

Image Hosted by

I think I can leave him mostly as is without worrying about it clashing. To me, it's more like the sky right before a storm when the sun is showing through the clouds rather than a dark and stormy afternoon.

Wish me luck!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Night of the Living Craft Wench.

So, I'm sure you noticed I took another huge sabbatical. It happens, but I've been working on stuff, promise.

Without further adieu, Fantastic Creatures:

I filled in much of the vegetation and added Marty the Meerkat. Under Leo's chin is the beginning of Bert the Big-Horned Sheep. Still got a long way to go.

Murphy the Green Winged Macaw is going much better.

My newest work gave Murph a nose, err, beak.

Image Hosted by

Altogether, he's starting to look quite lovely.

Image Hosted by

I believe I could have him done in a couple of serious sit downs.

At the moment, I am working on cross stitching Easter eggs for my family members. They'll be posted as soon and I get them sewed together.

Also, I'd like to introduce two projects that I will be working on very shortly. They are both being designed by Marv from and he is doing wonderful work.

Flying Eagle is a portrait of one of my best friend's horses made from her favorite photograph. I will post the picture when I start Eagle.

A Princely Nap is a custom of my 15-year-old Lhasa Apso.

Both of these projects are being done on hand dyed fabric.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Holy Bunnies, Batman!

So for lack of time, my poor Squishy's bunnies only got two days work out of seven possible for the UFO-athon.

Image Hosted by

I put about 5 hours into it on Saturday, however, before our power went kaput. His announcement now has a name and a birth weight.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

I'm just about half done. Another day, day and a half and I should be 50% done.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Your Heaven's [not] a Lie.

As promised, here are updated Squishy announcement pictures!

Image Hosted by

The moon under the bunny is full of half stitches. I thought it might be too light, but it's actually coming out nicely.
Image Hosted by

The star wasn't cooperating with my flash, so I'm also posting one without the flash, since it seems to show truer color.

Image Hosted by

No Flash:
Image Hosted by

As I mentioned, I picked this up again for one of my forums. The first week of every month, we stitch on a UFO, hoping to either finish it, or at least pick up our interest in it.

Since it was about a year since I last stitched on Squishy's bunnies, I think that would qualify. *sigh* I'm such a bad big sister.

Happy stitching all!