Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What do I do now?

SBQ time:

After you stitch a pattern or kit, what do you do with it?

Once I'm done, I usually frame them and either give them to someone or keep them for myself. Either way, I feel better when they are somewhere the Corgi known as Cheyenne can't chew them when she gets mad at me. (Trust me... it happened more than once. I've had to rebuy a few kits and a Mobile speed pass.)

On a different note, little D finally ate for the first time today! Yay! So things are looking good. Mom O' CW was released from the nut house-- I mean hospital today, and the doctor said if we cross our fingers, believe in magick, and clap our hands to show our support for fairies, he'll be able to come home Sunday. Until then, we'll be driving up and spending the day with him.

Thank you to anyone who has been praying for the little guy. It seems to be helping him a lot.

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