Monday, August 10, 2009

Holy Bunnies, Batman!

So for lack of time, my poor Squishy's bunnies only got two days work out of seven possible for the UFO-athon.

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I put about 5 hours into it on Saturday, however, before our power went kaput. His announcement now has a name and a birth weight.

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I'm just about half done. Another day, day and a half and I should be 50% done.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Your Heaven's [not] a Lie.

As promised, here are updated Squishy announcement pictures!

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The moon under the bunny is full of half stitches. I thought it might be too light, but it's actually coming out nicely.
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The star wasn't cooperating with my flash, so I'm also posting one without the flash, since it seems to show truer color.

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No Flash:
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As I mentioned, I picked this up again for one of my forums. The first week of every month, we stitch on a UFO, hoping to either finish it, or at least pick up our interest in it.

Since it was about a year since I last stitched on Squishy's bunnies, I think that would qualify. *sigh* I'm such a bad big sister.

Happy stitching all!

Care Bear... Stare!

*Ahem* Now that I've thoroughly shown off how I misspent my youth, I have a couple of finishes.

Share Bear
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and Love-a-Lot Bear
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have joined Funshine Bear in my collection of Care Bears stitched for Squishy. Three down...and I've lost count of how many to go.

I started working on Heaven Sent again, and stitched a ton. I have updated pictures, but I'm waiting for them to show up in my e-mail, because, you know, I just had to start using my cell phone for pictures. It's easier and all that.

So... tomorrow, new baby announcement pictures.