Sunday, August 2, 2009

Care Bear... Stare!

*Ahem* Now that I've thoroughly shown off how I misspent my youth, I have a couple of finishes.

Share Bear
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and Love-a-Lot Bear
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have joined Funshine Bear in my collection of Care Bears stitched for Squishy. Three down...and I've lost count of how many to go.

I started working on Heaven Sent again, and stitched a ton. I have updated pictures, but I'm waiting for them to show up in my e-mail, because, you know, I just had to start using my cell phone for pictures. It's easier and all that.

So... tomorrow, new baby announcement pictures.


Ranae said...

The Care Bears are so sweet. My dd and her friend each have started one awhile ago. I guess you can say it's their first WIP and UFO, lol

stitcherw said...

I loved looking through the various projects you have. Your earlier finish of Sweet Treat was wonderful, so colorful. Love your WIP of Fantastic Creatures too. I saw this finished years ago and it's gorgeous. I've looked for it off and on around here but never found it. I'll enjoy watching yours grow. Star is Born was a lovely finish as well,and the little care bear WIP's are delightful. My DD was sooo into care bears when she was younger.