Thursday, April 8, 2010

There was a Girl who had a Horse...

...and Eagle was his name-o.

So, Marv turned Eagle into a pattern for me. From this:

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to this:

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Amazing work, right? Seriously, if you want a custom pattern done without buying the software, try Marv over at He's done two patterns for me so far, and I'm happy.

Seem like I'm stalling? I am. I only have 50-some stitches into Eagle so far.


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Not a blazing start, but it's getting there. The one thing I was worried about was putting a big dark bay gelding on a stormy looking background off of a picture that was taken on a bright spring day. The Aida, however, is nice and light in its variation of color:

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I think I can leave him mostly as is without worrying about it clashing. To me, it's more like the sky right before a storm when the sun is showing through the clouds rather than a dark and stormy afternoon.

Wish me luck!

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Margie said...

Hey we all have to start somewhere and any start is a great start!!! :~) Looking forward to watching your progress :~)