Friday, June 20, 2008

Birth of A Star is Born.

I promised a happy surprise-- I finished Very-Brady-Baby's birth announcement yesterday morning. Without further adieu, here's pictures.

Teddy and Moon-
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The whole shebang-
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This was done of 14 ct. white aida with "cotton embroidery thread" of unknown origin. It was a Dimension design. I'll post about this one more time when I have a name and birthdate added.

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FeatherBunkle said...

Thanks for stopping by--I love your Very-Brady-Baby birth announcement! I admire your stitching prowess; I can't seem to keep enough steam up to ever finish one of those projects. And I always use the stamped ones--no counting for me! I'm a lazy buzzard!!! You did a fabulous job, kudos! :)