Sunday, September 30, 2007

October's Here!

We know what that means. Progress report!


Sweet Treats *kit*- I've not had a lot of time to work on this. Life has been getting in the way, but at least you can almost tell that there is a hummingbird and a few flowers, plus part of the border (See previous post for photo of what the kit looks like finished.)

New Goals for October:

Evening Milking *from*- I'm planning on stitching this for my mother. Her birthday was September 28th (Happy b-day Mom!) and I think she would love this.
Birth Announcement *from*- My friend, Shannon, just had a baby. I made her first son a birth announcement, so I plan on doing one for this one too.
Decorative cross with a B *still searching*- This was a suggestion from my boyfriend for his aunt.
Butterfly on Lilac **- Christmas present for my boyfriend's mother. She's had a rough year.
Happiness Kanji Symbol **- Christmas present for my boyfriend. He's into Japanese culture.
Angel **- My boyfriend's grandmother has cancer, so I've decided to do this for her. Hopefully it might raise her spirits a little.

As you can see, my newest obsession is I got a two-year subscription for my twenty-second birthday (Thank you Pa!) and now I'm in love.

I will be posting updates as work is completed.

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